Esthetician Advice

Esthetician Advice

Spa Expert, Melinda Minton on Growing your Esthetics Practice.

Spas are a necessity as well as melt your being satisfying.  In a recent interview with Skin Inc. professional trade magazine, Minton offers a few tips to keep spa-goers regulars at your spa or wellness facility.

Great service—make an impression.

However, providing great service isn’t easy. It must be consistent and can come down to miniscule details such as offering a beverage and a friendly smile. Minton recommends knowing all about the client including what their last treatment was and the date of their next appointment. “A part of it is talking to them during the service about,” she says.

Because you’re worth it. 

Three expert tips to keep competitive what you’re doing, how they will maintain those results at home, and what you’ll need to see them for next,” says Minton.

Inspire loyalty

Create customer loyalty by combining consistent and excellent service with appreciation.  You can do this by recognizing birthdays, special occasions, and rewarding clients when they refer their friends and family to your spa.

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