Trigger Point
No, not the massage style; but, rather a point of view exercise. Encourage your team to take brief notes at the end of their shift in one to three sentences. Moments to capture include: energetically fueling their therapy sessions; seamlessly handing off a guest to the concierge team and capturing the guest’s homecare needs to complete the professional care given at your facility.

Zen Out
Spa directors, when motivating your team for the day, offer a Koan or zen riddle to inspire mindfulness. A Koan is a Zen Buddhist phrase that can’t be solved by a logical sequence of thinking. Without the structure of intellectual thinking the intuitive mind is gently coaxed into playing with calm clarity.

“Meditation” reminds beginners of mind rebellions or ‘monkey mind,’ where the meditator is bombarded with self-chatter. Approaching meditation as mere minutes or moments of self-nourishing refueling is a less intimidating take on the big, blue sky tactic for tiny increments of mental rest. The best part of meditation is twofold. The more you work on moments of mindful rest the easier each brief session becomes. Also, the richer your moments of calm are, the more you crave the silence.

Embracing Change
Humans naturally do not like the uncertainty of change. Ideally, we would like to control our surroundings and know what is going to happen before it happens. Not only is this steady stream stagnant, but also such certainty is lethargic. There is rapid growth, and therefore, new discovery in travel, embracing the unknown, and jumping into the untried.

Group Think
Gathering your team for a hike, a picnic, group painting or for a charitable cause is powerful. Not only do individual members get to interact in a new dynamic, but further, your team can create something that is constructive and enjoy the excitement of creating as a whole.

Celebrating Failure & Success
There is no better teacher than failure and success breeds success. Given this there is no way to lose if your team is doing something—anything. Discussing both golden moments and experiences with shortcomings allows the team to learn from each department and each individual member. From this exercise come epiphanies that are useful to everyone.

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