Customer Service SPAAPreplanned value-addeds are part of your policy, steps you take ahead of time to add value to your customers’ experience with your spa. Common preplanned value-addeds include:

• Tailoring treatment packages to fit the customer’s preferences.

• Discounting charges for long-term pre-orders and advance appointments.

• Offering memberships in VIP programs to reward customer loyalty.

Sometimes, customers experience buyer’s remorse for treating themselves to a package or let down after using a gift certificate. To prevent this, it is wise to provide customers with a tangible item to take home with them, like a bathrobe or skin-care sampler kit. The price of a package can be buffered to account for these items; if customers leave your spa with material evidence of their visit, they are more likely to feel like they “got their money’s worth.”

Keep your customers as well as your employees informed about the pre-planned value-added perks your business offers. Customers will soon realize a service partnership with you gives them value above and beyond competitively priced retail products and spa therapies.

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